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SALE2As Mosaic-Direct, we are the UK’s one of the leading companies of mosaic tiles gaining more and more popularity day by day. Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Glass Tiles, Glass Stone, Crystal Tiles and Marble Tiles are our prestigious ranges. Mosaic tiles for crafts are very strong, durable, water, read more>

mosaic_tiles_purple_turquazGlass Mosaic Tiles 20mm

mosaic_tiles_red Glass Mosaic Tiles 10mm

mosaictiles-vitreousmixedMosaic Assortments

glass_irdidicent_tiles_mixtureIridescent Tiles 10mm

jade_glass_tiles_-orange_copyJade Glass Tiles 12mm

jadeglassroundnice15mm_copy Jade Tiles Round 12mm

mosaic_tiles_crystal_blue22Glass Stone Tiles 10mm

mosaictiles-ceramicmixCeramic Pepple 20-50mm

crystal_diamond_glass_tiles_white1cmCrystal Diamond 10mm

mosaic_tilescrystalmixedCrystal Tiles 15mm

crystal_diamond_glass_tiles_green_2cm Crystal Diamond 20mm


mosaic_tiles_goldeffect_blue_mixedGold Effect Tiles 20mm

mosaic_tiles_ceramicmixed2 Ceramic Tiles 10mm

mosaic_tilesstonemixeddd Marble Tiles 15mm

mosaictiles-candy-hearts Tiles for Kids 15mm

mosaictiles-crystal-fogBlack Mosaic Tiles

mosaictiles-kitsmixed2 Tool Kits, Glue, Grout

mosaic_tiles_arts_and_crafts_candleholder4 Mosaic Projects  

mosaic_tiles_pink-purplee Mosaic SALE  

ceramic-art-bowl-orange Ceramic Art

mosaic_tiles_gift  Mosaic Gift Vouchers


Arts and Crafts Movements 44

Have you ever imagined to transform your furniture or walls for the sake of variety? If you learn how to make mosaics, you can transform anything like mirrors, tables and walls with few tools glass mosaic tiles and having a lot of fun. read more

Craft Mosaic Tilesmosaic_tiles_for_kids

By using our craft mosaic tiles, you can create your own craft mosaic art from kitchens, floors, pools, bathrooms, tables to murals and logos and much more. Either use modern lines or classical ones and add what you have in your mind from your own experience of life.. Read more 

Black Mosaic Tiles  blackmosaictiles4

Black mosaic tiles are the most populer one that suits everywhere perfectly. We have black mosaic tiles in Vitreous and in crystal. Here are the picture of our mosaic tiles different shape and size. Read more

Roman Mosaic

roman-mosaicsAncient Rome was first founded on the Italian peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient Rome civilization became one of the largest empires  growing out of a small agricultural community in the10th century BC. Read more

How to Make a Mosaic

mosaictiles_plantpot11Creativity is the golden key to our happiness. If you have hobbies and interests, you can get the pleasure of creating your own “works of art”.. Read more




Our Best Sellers



glass_mosaic_tiles__light_orange mosaictiles-crystal-grass mosaic_tiles_ceramicmixed2
1600 Glass Tiles
8000 Glass Tiles
75 Glass Tiles 100 Crystal Tiles 50 Ceramic Tiles
Price £12.79 Price: £69.80 Price: £1.75 Price: £2.99

Price: £1.99


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